In Japanese, the two kanji characters, "beautiful" and "experience" join together to form the word "oishii " which means delicious. Discover the pleasures of "oishii" golden tempura.

The treasure of Tsunahachi
A restaurant borne of tempura in its most passionate form.
Of a commitment to golden dishes borne of tasteful ingredient.
Of Professionalism and Satisfaction from a staff unparalleled in service and outstanding cooking.
The heart of Tsunahachi brings memorable taste to your lips.


Anago (sea eels) are most delectable in the beginning of summer.
That is why the Japanese say an anago that "has drunken the June rain" is most tasty.
A favorite for the people since the Edo period (1603-1867), anago can be served deep-fried, boiled, or broiled.
Enjoy the perfect mixture of abundant flavor and silky texture with our anago dishes.
Our anago is brought in fresh from the market, then cut and deep fried in tempura dip.
Enjoy the delicate, flaky meet that will melt in your mouth.
Perfect with a glass of cold white wine or cold sake!